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Helping Your Pet Alleviate Their Anxiety

While many people suffer from anxiety, it’s a little-known fact that our pets can also fall victim to these unpleasant feelings as well. As loving pet owners, it’s important to recognize symptoms of anxiety in our beloved companions and find the most effective ways to address and relieve their nervousness to ensure they live a happier, healthier life. Here are some trusted ways to help your pet alleviate their anxiety.

Recognize Their Triggers

If your pet displays symptoms of anxiety in certain situations, it’s important to recognize their triggers and avoid them to the best of your abilities. For instance, if your dog is anxious around other groups of dogs, going to the dog park is not the best idea. For cats, this strategy may look a little different. If your cat is nervous when you have people over, create a safe space for them to get away from the noise and guests in a room with their favorite toys and a comfy area to relax.

Get Active

Similar to humans, pets can develop anxiety when they do not receive enough mental stimulation and physical movement in their lives. That’s why it’s important to carve out ample time to play with your pet or take them for regular walks and outings to get their body moving and their brain working to help combat symptoms of anxiety.

Controlled Desensitization

If your pet’s anxiety comes from a certain object or situation, controlled desensitization may be beneficial in helping them overcome their feelings. In order to pursue controlled desensitization effectively you must expose your pet to the anxiety stimulus in small, low-intensity doses and reward them for their bravery and good behavior following each session. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this takes patience and consistency and may benefit from the help of a professional trainer. 

For more information on pet anxiety and how to help your pet alleviate their symptoms of anxiety, contact our trusted veterinarian today to schedule an appointment.



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