Dr. Freeland’s Retirement

From Dr. Freeland to our Freeland Animal Hospital Family, After considerable personal reflection and introspection, as well as extensive discussions with my family, I have decided to retire from practice. This has been an exceedingly difficult process and has left me with mixed emotions. I started out at Freeland Animal Hospital nearly 25 years ago with the goal […]

Top 10 Dental Problems in Cats and Dogs: Worn Teeth

Pets spend most of their lives chewing on things, and their teeth can show wear and tear over time. Worn teeth can be caused by teeth on teeth contact (from malocclusion) or excessive and long-term chewing on objects like hard bones, rocks, tennis balls, etc. The pulp or root canal contains cells that give rise […]

The Shocking Dangers of Heatstroke

Summer is here – As you get ready to enjoy the warm weather during outdoor activities and road trips with your pup, keep in mind that heatstroke can occur in pets (just like us) especially in hot, humid, and unventilated areas. Be aware that temperatures inside your car are alarmingly higher than outdoor temps.  Tips for Heatstroke Prevention  Never leave your pet […]

August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month

Did you know? Itching is the number one reason for veterinary visits by dogs. Itchy Pet Awareness Month aims to promote pet skin health and make sure your pet gets the itch relief they need. Itch is a medical condition that can cause serious complications and get in the way of the fun your pet […]

Advice From Freeland Animal Hospital on How To Prepare Your Pet for the Holidays

Think Twice About Table Scraps The holidays are right around the corner and while sneaking your pet table scraps or letting them clean the dishes may seem harmless, many holiday foods can actually be harmful to pets. Keep your pet safe and be sure to keep them away from these foods: Fatty Ham and Pork Products Turkey […]

Heatstroke in Dogs: Prevention, Signs, and Treatment

Summer means fun camping trips, nighttime bonfires, and BBQs with friends and family. Summer also means the temperatures are rising. Avoiding extreme heat is critical for your pet’s well-being. Something like a fresh haircut is not only stylish but can help keep your dog more comfortable in warm temperatures. Your pet’s paws are another crucial […]

Never Run Out of Pet Food Again

We’ve partnered with Vetsource to provide you with authentic, quality nutrition, and medication to help you keep your pet healthy and happy! Have you ever gone to feed your cat or dog and discovered that they’re completely out of their food? Never again! When you shop for your pet’s food and medication on Vetsource, you can have […]

What Does It Mean To Be AAHA Accredited?

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is the standard for veterinary excellence. Veterinary clinics that go through the rigorous accreditation process to become AAHA certified, are evaluated on approximately 900 standards of veterinary care. Hospitals that achieve AAHA certification are recognized as some of the best in the industry. AAHA certification helps the hospitals better serve their communities by […]

Tips For Keeping Your Pet Healthy

As pet owners, we all want our pets to live long and healthy lives. Owners can ensure that their pets stay healthy by implementing preventative measures into their daily routines. According to the AVMA, the cost of prevention is often a fraction of the cost of treating disease or a problem once it has become more […]