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The Importance of Senior Pet Veterinary Care

The signs of aging in pets may be hard to accept as your furry companion gets older, but recognizing these signs is an essential step in helping your best friend age with grace. While old age won’t harm your pet, the risk of illness heightens as your pet gets older and their immune system weakens. It is crucial to their well-being that you develop a health plan with your veterinarian to keep your pet healthy during their senior years.

Common Signs of Aging

Your once young, energetic, and boundless animal may be lagging these days, which is to be expected as they reach their senior years. They may move slower, develop trouble with their vision and hearing, gain or lose weight, and have a change in appearance, such as hair loss, dry skin, or lumps. While these changes are not always associated with poor health, it’s vital to stay on top of your pet’s senior health with the help of a veterinarian.

The Risks Associated with a Weakened Immune System

As pets age, their immune systems weaken, and they no longer have the ability to fight off infections and disease as easily as they once did. Cancer, arthritis, liver, heart, and kidney failure are all common diseases associated with aging pets. These harmful illnesses sound scary but can be manageable if caught early, which is why regular veterinary visits are essential.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Changing your pet’s routine as they age can be difficult; animals tend to become stuck in their ways and become pickier with age. Having your senior pet on a nutrient-rich diet with limited treats is essential, as they are more prone to weight gain as they age. Exercise and regular stimulation are equally as important. Movement is good for your pet’s health and should be encouraged.

Regular veterinary visits are the most important factor for good health in senior pets. Being proactive about their health can make the difference between a long, happy life and a life cut short by disease. Contact your local veterinarian today to schedule your senior pet’s appointment!



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