Our pets need dental cleanings and check-ups too! Did you know that dental disease is the most commonly recognized abnormality on a physical exam of a dog or a cat? Cleaning your dog or cat’s teeth isn’t just about fresh breath. It’s an essential part of good oral care, and good oral care is an […]


In the unfortunate event that you and your pet are separated, we utilize the HomeAgain Identification System to assist in reuniting you. Microchips can be placed in any pet at any time. The chip is then registered for you, and all you have to do is keep the information up to date. If your pet […]

Pet Wellness

Keeping your cats and dogs healthy and happy with wellness care at our animal hospital. Annual Wellness packages include an extensive examination, vaccinations, fecal examination or deworming, heartworm test, and optional wellness blood work. Semi-Annual packages for our canine patients include an exam with our veterinarian, a fecal examination or deworming, and a booster of […]